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Case Study: Donii


Digital donation platform


Donii’s application displays local charities and the specific items they need. The app helps donors find the proper charity for the items they wish to donate. Many individuals and organisations want to donate their belongings or surplus items and don’t know where to do so and, more often, which charity will benefit the most of which items.

Donii gives donors precise insight into the needs of various non-profit organisations. They also provide a smart courier system that helps transport donated goods.

work hours

Cloud application with many interfaces

Donor dashboard
The donor dashboard is a web application made so donors are able to see their donation history. Users will also get feedback from non-profit organisations about the donation they made and to whom exactly they benefited. Users may also access on information on how to get a tax deduction in result of their donation effort. Donors can strongly rely on the donor dashboard to show them which charities will benefit the most out of their donations.
Corporate client app
Corporate Client App is a web application made for corporate allies of Donii. It helps businesses easily manage their interactions with Donii and other non-profit organisations. The app shows all relevant information regarding the amount and type of donations they are giving and to which organisations. It also helps users communicate effectively with Donii’s smart courier system. It is a very efficient tool for their corporate allies, and especially useful for big companies such as Google and TripAdvisor.
Not-for-profit application
This web application is made to help non-profit organisations manage their interactions with donors. Account managers can display the specific needs of their non-profit organisation in the Kiosk tablet and in Donii’s web. That way donors know exactly which items are most useful for each charity. Account managers can also write personalised feedback to donors and setup all relevant information to help donors choose them.The NPO application also permits access to the smart courier system, users can give precise instructions on how to pick and deliver the donated goods.
Kiosk tablet application
This application helps donors see all relevant information of local non-profit organisations. They can access information showing who will they be helping and how much items does the non-profit organisation need to reach their current goals. The kiosk App is perfect for using anywhere donors will need informationand administrate donations.

Product backbone systems

Courier application
The smart courier application is made uniquely for the workers of the delivery service. Users receive tasks directly from the main system so they always know what to deliver and where. The application can also use the phone’s camera to scan QR codes when needed. The system also provides help in cases of missing packages and other non-standard situations. This app serves as a task manager for couriers: they can see exactly where to delivery each package and at what time on a digital map.
Admin application
This app is for Donii’s manager to help administrate easily all the applications of Donii and other relevant data for the project itself. Admin App gives the capacity to manage donors, couriers and non-profits from a single platform efficiently. It also serves to give corporations special discounts, create new events and other useful resources. This app gives full control over all platforms of Donii’s service to Donii’s manager.

Legacy project migration

Previous to working with our company, Donii had a system that was not covering all of the project’s needs and was hard to change. Valued Tech came in to improve the way Donii’s project used technology for it’s advantage. We built different applications from scratch, each of them tailored for specific processes in the Donii project. The manager now has specific programs for different processes and a admin app to manage them all.

Top technologies we use


Satisfy your customers with extraordinary user experience in desktop applications. Build interactive dashboards and user interfaces with Angular.
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Use similar backend framework as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, All-State and Home Depot. Use the same strong and reliable technology from the start.
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React native

Save up to 45% of your budget with us! React native let us build your application in different platforms simultaneously.
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Build scalable cloud applications. We have prepared environment saving months of work. Start now, don’t pay for infrastructure development. Continuous integration saves developers time for complicated parts.
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This is most famous Continuous Integration solution.

We use it to speed up routine tasks and dedicate work effort to exact development
open source



It is advanced security framework. We save significant amount of time by using well tested and proven security solution
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