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Case Study: Klientino


Business management application



Klientino started as a CRM desktop App to help hair salons manage their business, but rapidly evolved to having a mobile version, an internal administrative application, a BPM application and an Analytics data base, which all serve to empower our service.

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clients reach

Client face products

Mobile application

Klientino Mobile application was born to make our desktop CRM system reach a bigger audience.

After doing some marketing research, our company became aware that the Latin-American market didn’t have a thoroughly efficient CRM for mobile; this was crucial because most of our potential clients didn’t use a computer at work, only their cellphone. We needed to modify our product as to reach most of our audience.

Valued Tech developers where able to transform Klientino’s web application to a mobile version in less than 2 months. This gave us an amazing starting point to reach the new audience and it was a significantly resourceful technical solution done by our developers.

Desktop application
Klientino Desktop version manages features such as scheduling, complex data-dashboards, employee agendas, online appointments, accountings and an internal text chat. The overall system is continuously improving as to provide an increasingly better service.

Users say Klientino App is easy to learn and effective in it’s purposes. It’s no wonder since Klientino has a simple interface which can handle complex issues in an orderly manner.

Product backbone systems

Internal admin application

The Internal Administrative Application gathers precise information of hundreds of our client’s actions, simultaneously. It manages accounts in 3 different languages and 9 countries which can be segmented by a variety of highly relevant details such as: phone number, last date of entry, if setup was completed, account ID and others. It collects information on customer behavior, which we later integrate to our desktop and mobile applications using Hooked framework. The Internal Admin App is our main tool for monitoring recurrent clients and new ones.

It is easy to use and gives us the ability to make complex technical changes without spending the precious time of our software developers.

BPM application

Klientino’s BPM platform is a system that helps our sales staff in their communication with clients. The system uses a flowchart to present adequate answers according to the current customer’s state. New sales staff easily learn how to use it, and in doing so gain access to expert responses for each problem or situation the client may have. One of the strongest advantages is that this framework improves day by day using our past successes and failures. It is incredibly efficient.

Analytics database

The Analytics Database is a powerful tool that registers and segments traffic from our main website. It is a complex data resource gathering software which in Klientino’s case works for nine different countries and 3 languages. We can see real time activity on the website and segment the data by: country, age, permanence on web, gender, traffic sources and more. The tool gives us crucial insight into our audience’s behaviour and allows us continuous improvement of our service.

Marketing activity

Competitor analysis

We had created strategy for attracting customers through Facebook Display ads

Customer research

We conducted ground marketing research through customer surveys. Collected information gives us ability to shape required product features.

Marketing communication

We created a Facebook fan page and quite effective ads to direct clients to download the app.

Top technologies we use


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Use similar backend framework as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, All-State and Home Depot. Use the same strong and reliable technology from the start.
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React native

Save up to 45% of your budget with us! React native let us build your application in different platforms simultaneously.
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Build scalable cloud applications. We have prepared environment saving months of work. Start now, don’t pay for infrastructure development. Continuous integration saves developers time for complicated parts.
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This is most famous Continuous Integration solution.

We use it to speed up routine tasks and dedicate work effort to exact development
open source



It is advanced security framework. We save significant amount of time by using well tested and proven security solution
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