Mobile app development
your clients will love
Works good for:
Development and Digital Marketing
Build shiny mobile app
Rapid hybrid app development
Speed up your mobile app development time up to 40% with React Native framework.
Integrate Artificial Intelligence
Add AI features in your app to process images, make complex predictions and advance on innovation.
Immediate communication
Update data for your customers around the world. Works perfect for dating projects and messengers.
Offline mode
Provide access to mobile application in offline mode. Be available for your customers in plane, outdoor and so on.
When we develop excellent applications, we keep your users in mind.
Make your product reach it's Audience!
Competition Analysis
Find unique insight into your market.
Landing page building
Client can use your App right from browser, no installation required.
Search Engine Marketing
Google ads will target your customer in right moment and send traffic to your website!
Social Media Ads
Facebook and Instagram ads will target customer segments depending on persona setup.
Community Building
Build an audience around your product and service.
We focused on product market fit and sales funnel
Have your prototype in less than 30 days
Save money and time, understand your product better and test with real customers using an interactive prototype
Validate Your idea on Market!
If you have and Amazing App idea, we can help you test it with
real potential customers and without too much investment.
Business management application
Klientino is a digital tool to help hairstyle salon managers in administrating effectively their business, its main features are a CRM base and an accurate accountings system. A salon owner can see details of how their business and workers are performing in real time from their phone. Klientino is available for desktop, Android and IOS to have maximum reach to our potential audience.

We launched for Latinoamerica, Russia and the United States, reaching 9 countries overall and 3 languages.
Top technologies we use


Satisfy your customers with extraordinary user experience in desktop applications. Build interactive dashboards and user interfaces with Angular.

supported by Google


Use similar backend framework as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, All-State and Home Depot. Use the same strong and reliable technology from the start.

supported by Pivotal, Dell Inc.

React native

Save up to 45% of your budget with us! React native let us build your application in different platforms simultaneously.

supported by Facebook


Build scalable cloud applications. We have prepared environment saving months of work. Start now, don’t pay for infrastructure development. Continuous integration saves developers time for complicated parts.

supported by Google
Zurich, Switzerland
New York, USA
1167 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476, USA
Our company established in Boston, MA. It’s comfortable legal space for your product.
Development office
350901, Russia, Krasnodar, Rossiskaya 69
Russian office gives us brilliant software engineers at affordable price.