Web App Development
Focused on Results
Works good for:
Development and Digital Marketing
Your users will love their App
Smooth user experience
Page works without page reloads, same as new Gmail, Facebook and other web services
Easy access
Client can use your app right from browser, no installation required
Works everywhere
An app works for all platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux.
Fast changes and updates
No maintenance required on customer side. All changes applied for all clients in seconds.
We develop your application always keeping your users in mind
Make your product reach it's Audience!
Competition Analysis
Find unique insights into your App’s market.
Landing page building
Build a landing page to attract clients or to test your idea before spending on development.
Search Engine Marketing
Google ads will target your customers in the right moment and send them to your website!
Social Media Ads
Facebook and Instagram ads will target customer segments depending on persona setup.
Community Building
Build an audience around your product and service.
We focus on making sure your product is ready for the market and optimizing your customer acquisition!
Have your prototype in less than 30 days
See how your product will look like without waiting months for the final version
Validate Your idea on Market!
If you have and Amazing App idea, we can help you test it with
real potential customers and without too much investment.
Enterprise Resource Management software
Digital Strategy

Rufco is a ship-brokering company who was facing an important challenge: increasing operational efficiency of core business processes. To do so they requested a custom-software solution, Valued Tech was chosen for the task. After being briefed on how the business worked, we built an Enterprise Resource Management system that allowed Rufco to be more efficient and increase their knowledge of market. The program became their main channel.

“We faced with huge freight rate decline in the end of 2009. The challenge was very serious. Our company must not only survive, but increase market presence. Obvious solution was to increase operational efficiency of core business processes (reduce service costs, increase employee performance, increase an ability to scale business) via custom IT solution.”

Top technologies we use


Satisfy your customers with extraordinary user experience in desktop applications. Build interactive dashboards and user interfaces with Angular.
supported by Google


Use similar backend framework as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, BMW, All-State and Home Depot. Use the same strong and reliable technology from the start.
supported by Pivotal, Dell Inc.

React native

Save up to 45% of your budget with us! React native let us build your application in different platforms simultaneously.
supported by Facebook


Build scalable cloud applications. We have prepared environment saving months of work. Start now, don’t pay for infrastructure development. Continuous integration saves developers time for complicated parts.
supported by Google


This is most famous Continuous Integration solution.

We use it to speed up routine tasks and dedicate work effort to exact development
open source


It is advanced security framework. We save significant amount of time by using well tested and proven security solution
supported by Red Hat
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